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Whats the big deal? 

Why practice it? 

Sexual abstinence is the avoidance of sexual activity. People use the term abstinence in different ways.


For some it means avoiding only sexual(vainal, anal, or oral) intercourse. For others it means avoiding all kinds of sexual activity(usually until marriage), which may be rooted in religious or moral beliefs.


*Abstinence is the ONLY sure way to avoid getting pregnant or to contract a sexually transmitted disease. It is 100% effective.


**Part of OB is what we call a virginity pledge...or a reborn virginity pledge(meaning that if you've had sex it's not too late you can still give a pledge of abstinence and stick to that pledge)**


What is a virginity pledge?

*Participants sign a form that states they will wait until marriage to become sexually active.



*Sometimes people change their minds about abstinence.

*For this reason, it is crucial to know about other birth control methods and to understand the risks of being sexually active out of marriage.


*Abstinence is completely up to you.

*How long you decide to abstain, and how long you define it, is completely up to you.

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