Why OB?


I was tired of hearing people saying how ugly they think they are, I'm tired of seeing girls getting put down by guys, I'm tired of seeing girls and guys so skinny and so sick looking due to an eating disorder usually caused by a comment someone made about them, I'm tired of seeing drug addicts and alcohol addicts who think they have no way out, I'm tired of seeing people not taking care of themselves and just letting people hurt them, i'm tired of seeing people hurting and seeing the pain on their arms, I'm tired of seeing hurt, agony, and desperation! I just want to help those who the world has simply pushed to the side! I want to let them know, let everyone know, that they're not the only one, that they do have HOPE, that they are Beautiful, that they have just as much of a chance in life as the person right beside of them! I want to get to every person out there in pain, i want the hurt to get help, the ridculed to get justice, the weak to get strong, and the hopeless to become filled with a renewal of hope, peace, and security!



To find out what I wrote directly in my diary please read the Dear Diary section! When I wrote this is when I got the idea of this project! So it will be the exact wording and everything as the entry in my diary!


BACKGROUND (so you will understand it)

My diary has a mirror on the front of it so that's what the first part is reffering to.




You're(the diary) wonderful mirror has inspired me to do a project that could help millions, maybe even billions of people. People who are wanting to feel beautiful. It will be a difficult task to take on, but I'm ready. The project will be named, Operation Beautification. The main point will be to not only tell these people that they are beautiful just the way they are, but to make them believe that and totake care of their bodies. NO matter if there skinny or not. I want them to know that they're beautiful. With or without acne. Tall or short. I want them to know and believe that they're beautiful. But I don't just want to leave it at outward apperence. I want to transform thir minds from thinking "I'm ugly," to thinking "I'm beautiful." I also want to make their attitudes scream I'm beautiful. I want them to have confidence in themselves. I also want them to know that they;re not alone.

Operation Beatutification designed so that teens, women, men, guys, girls, etc. can have self-confidence, self-worth, and self-concept. Maybe in the future Operation Beautification can open a recovery center for people who need it.

I want to change the world's view with the help of God one BEAUTIFUL mind at a time. So lets giet started!!!! Tell the world THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

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