OB DAY is a day dedicated to let those who are suffering from addiction, disease, eating disorders, depression, cutting, drugs, alcohol, violence to know that their not alone. That there is help. That people DO CARE about THEM!!! That we will stand up and use not only our voices but our lives to help them and to help our FRIENDS, FAMILY, ETC. That we love them. We want them to get BETTER. To show we will fight for them in there weakest moments. When they are weak we will stand up and be strong for them, we will help them fight every moment of everyday! Let those people you know with drugs, alcohol, violence, disorders, depression, cuting, etc. your FRIENDS your FAMILY your MOM your DAD your SISTER your BROTHER, a Cousin, a best friends, tell them you'll be there for them. You care about them. You want them BETTER BETTER BETTER!!! SO PLEASE JOIN THE FIGHT, IT'S SIMPLE. ON OB DAY simply write a note 2 ur friend(s)/family telling them how much you care about them. THE NEXT STEP, show you're support by writing OB on your arms, face, hands, etc. THEN WHEN SOMEONE ASKS YOU WHAT OB IS TELL THEM THIS: Operation Beautification, it was created by a girl who is just like me wants people to get better, those who most people cast out, the addicted, those with eating disorders, those who are beaten, brusied and DIFFERENT, I WANT THEM TO KNOW THAT THEY WILL BE LOVED CARED FOR AND HELPED.


THE DAY WILL BE ON FEB. 24th, 2010. PLEASE PARTICIPATE...all you gotta do is write OB on ur arms, face, hand, etc. and get people's attention so that way they'll ask you what is OB. Then you just simply tell them what OB is!!! Please join the fight against depression, cutting, addiction, eating disorders, etc.

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