Right now it's just me by myself running the online program that will hopefully launch a nationwide offline and online program! My hope is to help everyone who needs it! No matter who they are or what they've done or had done to them! As the program grows so will the OB team! And so this page will grow as OB grows.

WORDS FROM the founder...yes I do look young in this picture well because I am! I'm 17 as of April, but I started to develop OB every since I was 16. I came up with the idea with the basis of I want everyone to know there is help out there and that it is avaliable to everyone & to let everyone know that they are beautiful the way they are, so there is no need to use drugs, alcohol, sex, or anything else to degrade or make yourself different. I want every person reading this page to know that God loves you, even though you may not believe in him, He still loves you, and you are never too old or too young or too messed up for you to accept Jesus cause he loves us all! If you want to know anymore about the program itself or me in general please message us at our myspace page or our email...this info is provided at the CONTACT OB page!


I always felt out of place. No matter where I went. It was the same thing, i'd act like I was the social butterfly, but I tell you now I don't remember any of those moments. I spent my middle school life trying to find who I was and found out who I wasn't. Today I see people just like me. One's that are tired of being made fun of or pushed aside because they have a problem. Like me they just need someone to be there for them. No mater what. Not to make fun of them, to not yell at them But to be there.They need HOPE, PEACE, TO KNOW THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE LIKE THEN, and TO KNOW THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL AND THEY DESERVE A BETTER LIFE.


So, yeah. I was one of those girls who worried about not having the image that media popularized. I grew depressed. I cut myself. I became anorexic. I compulsively scrubbed my face. My problem was that I was too worried about other people staring at my acne, or my size 11/13 jeans to notice me. But I've realized that we are not our image. We are our minds. Our minds are beautiful.


All my life I've been the quiet kid everyone hated.... I used to wonder what made me different from everyone else. I finally realized the one thing that made me different was I cared about everyone else. I started writing songs about my life and the situations I've been in, and I finally found a way out of the stress and anger that consumed most of my childhood. Now I know I have to help others so they don't suffer the way I did.

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