I'm Ugly...The thought of many people all across the nation and the world!!! CHANGE IT!!! GET ACTIVE, help out, tell everyone you see of their true beauty!!! LET'S CHANGE THE WORLD ONE BEAUTIFUL MIND AT A TIME!!! It's possible and it ALL STARTS WITH YOU!!! MAKE A DIFFERENCE, maybe even SAVE A LIFE!!!


Operation Beautification statement and solemn vow!!! BELOW!!!!!!



 I (your name here) vow to love myself! To not harm myself, in any way! I will not put substances in my body that will cause it to become destroyed, I will not obstruct my fleash in any way. I will not cause myself to become a victim of an eating disorder. I will not drink, because it does harm to my body. I will not lose sight of my beauty, or my dreams! I will not let ANYONE tell me that I'm not good enough! I will not let ANYONE tear me down to the point of self-destruct! I do not need others approval, I am who I am! This is me, this is who I am, I won't change for someone else. I change my life/I keep my purity to my self allegence! I AM BEAUTIFUL THE WAY GOD MADE ME! If otherwise told I will ignore it and not let it harm me! I AM BEAUTIFUL, no need for make-up, masks, etc. I AM ME. I AM ME. I AM ME. I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!  This is my vow to me. This is my vow to me. This is my vow to me. This is not for someone else to be happy or proud of me, this is for myself and my own good! This is my vow to me. This is my vow to me. This is my vow to me.

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